Shamanism is an ancient form of spirituality practiced in various forms by indigenous people all around the world.  Shamans use the energy of nature to assist them in healing themselves and others.  This is often done through a powerful technique known as journeying.

What is journeying?

In the simplest of terms, journeying is meditation with a purpose.  A shaman enters a meditative state and "journeys" to the root cause of an issue or to gather information about the issue.  The shaman relies on the spirits of nature -- the wind, plants, animals, rocks, etc. -- to assist him or her on this journey.

How is journeying used in your Reiki sessions?

Perhaps the best way to explain is to give you an example.  Let's say that as a child you fell while climbing a tree and broke your arm.  Now, as an adult, you find yourself terrified of high places.  And your new boss just decided to send you across country on an airplane for a very important meeting.  How will you ever be able to get on that plane?

A journey back to that moment may be the beginning of understanding, and conquering, that fear.  Walking you through the process, I help you journey back to the moment that you fell from the tree.  From there you begin a dialog with your old self, assuring the child you that the future holds many wonderful things.  You tell yourself that falling from the tree was an accident and that your arm will heal without any problems.  After you have spoken to your former self, you journey back to the present. It would not be uncommon to find that the fear that once kept your feet firmly on the ground has begun to dissolve.  It may not be completely gone, but you have taken an important step forward.  And now you are empowered with a tool to help you conquer your fear.

Journeying can also be used to remove negative energies that are attached to your spirit body, remove blockages from the energy body, and so much more.

Not every session will contain Shamanic techniques.  They are used as the need arises, and only if the client is completely comfortable with the process.

What other techniques do you use?

From time to time, I may incorporate other Shamanic techniques into the Reiki process.  These might include the use of crystals, such as black tourmaline, to rid the body of negative blockages.  Candles, tree branches, flowers, and incense are also tools of the Shaman and may be added to the treatment if needed.  All things from nature can be used in healing.

Techniques used are always done in harmony with the Reiki treatment.  These practices can empower you to take control over your own well-being so that you may begin to craft the life you desire.

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